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Commercial Painter Hobart

Are you thinking of giving the exterior of your establishment a fresh coat of paint to make it seem more professional? Or have you been putting off renovating the interior of your workplace for too long?

When it comes to painting projects for any commercial space, the quality of the paint job is of the utmost priority. After all, you want your company to have a top-notch look and leave a fantastic impression on your clients and prospects. This is why it is essential to look for a commercial paint job or residential painting contractor that is capable of producing stellar outcomes.

Local Commercial Painting Services in Hobart

Sorrentino Paint & Render Co. is one of the best commercial painting services in Hobart, Tasmania. With years of experience and a team of skilled and professional painters, Sorrentino Paint & Render Co. provides top-notch commercial painting services to businesses of all sizes.

We know that every commercial house painting job is different and needs meticulous care throughout the whole process. At every stage of the commercial painting project, we consult with our customers to make sure their needs are being addressed and that they are happy with the result. Our team of painters has completed jobs ranging in scale from little offices to massive commercial properties. Moreover, we have a wide range of palettes at our disposal and are adept at matching colors precisely.

You can trust that your space will continue to look great for years to come since we only use the highest quality materials in our work. Furthermore, we provide quotes to ensure that you are fully informed before committing to any work with us.

Here at Sorrentino Paint & Render Co., we prioritize customer satisfaction. For a hassle-free painting experience, we keep our customers in the loop so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises when the task is done. They can expect first-rate service and unparalleled interior or exterior painting solutions from us, regardless of the scope of their project.

If you have any type of painting project, don’t hesitate to call Sorrentino Paint & Render Co. for trusted painting solutions. We’re sure you’ll love the renovated look of your space and be delighted to show it off to clients. Make an impression with the aid of our commercial house painters.

Is Commercial Painting Hard?

There’s more to commercial painting than simply a brush and some color. There has to be careful methods, sophisticated equipment, and a watchful eye used. Does it take a lot of effort to paint for a living? The answer is yes; before tackling this difficult undertaking, it is crucial to learn what is involved.

What Does It Take?

Commercial painting calls for expertise in both quality paints and application methods. To get the right results, for instance, you’ll need to learn about the many kinds of paint and how they interact with one another. For certain projects, specialty paints like epoxies and urethanes may be required.

You’ll also need to be familiar with the best techniques for applying various paints to various substrates. Knowing how much pressure to apply while spraying or rolling paint onto walls is essential since this varies with the surface being painted (e.g., drywall vs concrete). You should also be competent in erecting and dismantling certain equipment in a safe manner.
Moreover, working with vast surfaces is another challenge unique to commercial painting. Painting an office or a business may cover a large area. As a result, getting to certain places may be next to impossible because of their tiny size or odd angles. Commercial painters, therefore, must be well-versed in the best ways to deal with such obstacles if they want to get their tasks done effectively and quickly.

Most of the time, commercial painters have access to a wide variety of tools, ranging from the most fundamental brushes and rollers to the most advanced sprayers and other types of specialized equipment. In order to achieve the best possible results, each of these tools must be properly maintained and operated in the correct manner. Commercial painters also have access to scaffolding or ladders, drop cloths, tarps, masking tape, and other items essential to the completion of a job successfully.

Why Choose us For Your Commercial Painting needs?

Painting is a cost-effective approach to updating the appearance of your house or business without making major structural changes. To get the best results, however, you should hire a professional painting business like Sorrentino Paint & Render Co. The following are just a few of the many benefits associated with having a professional handle your interior and exterior painting projects.

Safety Standards

It’s also far safer to hire experts rather for a commercial painting project than take on the job yourself. Professional painters always follow the necessary safety precautions while working on a project, protecting the well-being of their customers. Proper use of ladders, donning protective gear, and maintaining a clean work environment are all examples of safety practices.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Commercial building painters know what they’re doing, so they won’t make expensive errors or need to make several visits back to correct problems, so although hiring them may be more pricey up front, it ends up being more cost-effective in the long term. In addition, hiring pros saves time since they can often finish jobs far quicker than novice DIYers can. This means less downtime for your family or your company.

Helps You Save Time

It may be a time-consuming task to paint a whole property, particularly if you want to do it yourself. The pros you hire will complete all the preliminary work, such as cleaning, sanding, and priming, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The work will be done swiftly and effectively, freeing you to concentrate on other matters.


When it comes to interior and outdoor painting projects, Sorrentino Paint & Render Co. has you covered. In Hobart and the surrounding area, our passionate painters have the expertise to handle any painting job, from simple wall painting to more involved chores like staining, refinishing, and texturing. We have extensive expertise in a wide range of specialist clean finishes and can take on projects of any scale, whether they are residential or commercial projects.

We also think it’s important to be open and honest with our clients at all times. To ensure that you are always in the know, we will give you precise figures from the get-go and keep you updated every step of the way. That way, you may have faith that the work will be done promptly and effectively without compromising quality.
You can trust that the paint services you get from Sorrentino Paint & Render Co. will be of the highest quality. To guarantee 100% client satisfaction with every work, our crew always goes the extra mile. Don’t put off contacting Sorrentino Paint & Render Co. if you’re in need of paint or rendering services in Hobart.

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All About Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart, the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania, is a stunning coastal city. Beautiful scenery, fascinating culture, and exciting events make this area a must-see for anybody visiting. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a quiet escape or an action-packed vacation.

Suburbs In The Area

● Battery Point
● Dynnyrne
● Fern Tree
● Glebe
● Hobart
● Kettering
● Kingston
● Lenah Valley
● Mount Nelson
● Mount Stuart
● Neika
● New Town
● North Hobart
● Queens Domain
● Ridgeway
● Sandy Bay
● South Hobart
● Tolmans Hill
● Wellington Park
● West Hobart

Points of Interest in Hobart
  • ● Mosque Hobart, located at 166 Warwick St, 7000
    ● St Joseph’s Catholic Church, located at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, 65 Harrington St 7000
    ● Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, located at Dunn Pl, 7000
    ● Contemporary Art Tasmania, located at 27 Tasma St, 7000
    ● Village Cinemas Hobart, located at 181 Collins St, 7000
    ● The Cat & Fiddle Arcade, located at 51 Murray St, 7000
    ● Constitution Dock, located at 1 Franklin Whrf, 7000
    ● Saint Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, located at 180 Harrington St, 7000
    ● Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, located at Lower Domain Rd, 7000
Parks in Hobart
  • ● Train Park, located at Cnr &, Warwick St & Hill St, 7000
    ● Molle & Goulburn St Play Area, located at 86 Molle St, 7000
    ● Peace Park, located at 365 Liverpool St, 7000
    ● St David’s Park, located at 16 Elizabeth St, 7000
Restaurants To Visit
  • Urban Greek, located at 103 Murray St, 7000
  • Dāna Eating House, located at 131 Murray St, 7000
  • Cultura Espresso Bar & Restaurant, located at 123 Liverpool St, 7000
  • Sawak Cafe, located at 131 Collins St, 7000
  • Little Lotus Café, located at 45-47 Victoria St, 7000
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